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I find something very spooky about this story, do you think the Johnson’s might possibly have another soon to be Olympian in their family? I am assuming she’s probably going to be good as her father. Father like daughter, right?

Which leads us too, Badger Hockey families legacies. Johnsons, Suters, Strobels and Heatleys to name a few. If each family where one player, they are not a force to be reckoned with, when you combine all their stats together.

Some amazing stats:

Johnsons - (Mark, Peter, Patrick and Miakayla) ~ 230 goals 240 assists, 470 points

Suters - (Bob, Gary and Ryan) ~ 50 goals 164 assists, 214 points

Strobels - (Mark and Mike) ~ 70 goals 92 assists, 162 points

Heatleys - (Danny, Mark and Murray) ~ 132 goals 126 assists, 258 points

Do you really want to know what is really cool about this? Miakayla is the only woman on this list full of men. Pretty amazing, huh? Go women’s hockey! Girl power! Go out there and kill it Miakayla! Okay, right after your red shirt season ;)